Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zinc urn, zinc flames

A storm was approaching, but I was nearby on other business, so I ducked into Oak Hill Cemetery for a quick visit. The Willis monument stood out: a large zinc monument topped with a flaming urn.

Urns are popular gravestone symbols, often seen with willows and other symbols. An urn with flames rising from the top represents the soul rising from the ashes of death.


BORN JULY 20, 1808,
FEB. 22, 1874
“I am the resurrection
and the life.”

BORN Nov. 22, 1808,
DEC. 10, 1878.
my GOD to thee.”

The 1870 United States Federal Census for London, Ohio in Madison County shows three persons in the Willis household: Frank (age 62), Tryphena (61), and Julia (24). Frank’s occupation is listed as retired farmer; Tryphena is keeping house. (A woman’s work is never done.)

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Oak Hill Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio

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