Monday, June 6, 2011

Mary, wife of John C. Death

The marker for Mary Death (d. 1809) is in excellent shape, leading me to suspect that it is not the original. 

Wife of
April 18, 1809
Aged 32 years.

Broken pieces of John C. Death’s gravestone lean against Mary’s. Look carefully at his broken stone in the photo below. It appears to match the intact Death stone. In fact, in addition to the matching size, material, and carving style, you can just see what could be the trunk of a willow on the broken stone. (See it? Almost directly above the C.)

Neither grave is original to Woodhill, which did not open until 1856. John and Mary Death probably were buried originally in one of the town’s two older cemeteries. Graves from both older cemeteries were moved to Woodhill through the years so that now only Woodhill remains.

Woodhill Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio

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