Monday, June 27, 2011

Who is buried in the Machpelah mausoleum?

The private mausoleum is built into the side of a small hill at Oak Hill Cemetery. At the base of the chimney (chimney!?) is the date 1886. There is a wooden portico with a tin roof built onto the front.

Above the double doors, carved in wood and highlighted with silver paint, is one word: Machpelah.

Machepelah is most likely not a surname, but rather a reference to the Cave of Machpelah, also known as the Cave of the Patriarchs. Believed to be the burial place of Abraham and Sarah, the Cave of the Patriarchs is considered holy by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.


There is a hunk of concrete to the right of the doors on which someone has scratched the name Nell Andrix. Is this a hint about who is buried in the mausoleum? There are a number of Andrix graves nearby. Most likely, just an unrelated scrap.

Who is buried in the Machpelah mausoleum?

Oak Hill Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio


  1. How fascinating, I just love a good old fashioned mystery. Please give us an update if you uncover anything ......

  2. The chimney is for ventilation, all mausoleums need ventilation or else you'd get lots of undesirable things growing in there. It would be really unpleasant to open the mausoleum for the next interment.


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