Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday’s child: Charlie B. Ream

The first thing you notice as you approach the grave marker for Charlie B. Ream (d. 1871) is the wreath of flowers.

Walk closer and look at the top of the gravestone to see something unusual: There is a carved hand holding a lily on the top of the stone—and it clearly is a child’s hand.

There are (among other flowers) tulips and roses in the wreath, often understood to represent love and beauty. But it is the lily, given added emphasis because it is the flower that the hand holds, that may be the primary symbol here. It symbolizes purity. Perfect for a child’s gravestone.

son of W. M. & M. C.
died Dec. 23, 1871,
AGE 10 Y. 9 M.

Somerset Cemetery, Perry County, Ohio

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