Sunday, June 19, 2011

George Corderman’s scalloped stone

The stone carver clearly did not sketch out the lettering first, but the casual corrections and misspellings on the gravestone for George Corderman (d. 1828) seem almost charming.

The stone has an unusual scalloped top, quarter sunbursts, and delicate vine-y carvings. Look closely and you notice the I that is carved to be a column.

IN Memory of
George Corderman
Consort of eve Corderman
& Born April 2th A.D. 1772
& DC July 12th 1828 & Aged
56 years & 3 monts
& 9 Days.

New Reading Cemetery, Perry County, Ohio


  1. Majestic is the perfect word! The scallops give it a noble, crown-like look.


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