Monday, December 20, 2010

Grave images: Arch

The arch on a gravestone, a visually strong image, is generally accepted to represent the passage to heaven. Think about it: When you see an arched grave marker, it’s not too far fetched to imagine stepping through as though it were a doorway.

Most arches I have seen are shared stones—husband, wife; mother, father—which makes me think that the two pillars supporting the arch are symbolic as well.

So far, the arches I have come upon are large arched memorials, but I am keeping an eye out for a simpler marker with an arch carving on its face.

Long, Groveport Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio
Benton, Oller Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio
Turner, Candler Cemetery, Hardin County, Ohio
Shuster, Candler Cemetery, Hardin County, Ohio


  1. Great photos of monuments with arches!

  2. I just love the arched monuments. They are not so common around here though.


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