Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The boulder and the cross

A cross bearing the name Filler leans against a boulder in Oak Grove Cemetery. It appears that the cross may have been mounted on a larger marker at one time, but perhaps the boulder is itself the grave marker. No markers are nearby.

Who is Filler? Find A Grave lists plenty of Fillers in Ohio, but none in Delaware County. Delaware County Burials lists two Filler burials at Oak Grove:

Hester Ann Filler
February 26, 1846–January 21, 1940

William Simmons Filler
1845–June 15, 1899

FamilySearch.org reveals that William and Hester Ann were, as you might expect, husband and wife. A William S. Filler from Ohio was a sergeant during the Civil War. The 1870 census lists his name as Will and shows they had two children, both girls, at the time. The 1880 census lists Will’s occupation as railroad conductor and shows three children. Hester, long widowed, died in Livington, Texas at the age of 93.

Other than those small facts quickly discovered on FamilySearch.org, what do we know? I don’t know exactly, but I expect that Will and Hester are someone’s ancestors. Not mine, but perhaps yours?

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