Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fragments: America Bright

The broken marker at the grave of America Bright (b. 1855, d. 1856) was probably damaged by vandals, the fate of many older stones in Bright Cemetery.

Dec. 25, 1855,
June 25, 1856

Is the broken gravestone the only fragment here? It occurs to me that some family history tidbits are fragments as well, not necessarily part of a whole and satisfying story.

A FindAGrave contributor writes, “The story in my family was that this little girl fell into a well on the Bright Property and was drowned.”


By the way, on the way to Bright Cemetery, I stopped to snap a few photos of an old barn. Imagine my surprise when I saw the FindAGrave page for Bright Cemetery: Looks like I unknowingly snapped photos of the Bright barn!

Another fragment.

Is this the Bright barn today?

Bright Cemetery, Fairfield County, Ohio


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