Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One stone, four Joneses

The weathered sandstone marker at the grave of Richard Jones (d. 1822) is so close to the monument in front of it, I had to take photos at an angle in order to get the entire stone.

At first I was drawn to the elaborate carvings. Then I read the stone—as much as I could anyway—and realized that there are four Jones family deaths inscribed on it.

Memory of
Richard Jones,
who died Oct.br 7.th
1822 Aged 30 Years.
three Children of the
said [Ri]chard Jones by
Elizabeth his Wife; Viz.
their Son died Oct.br
[16?] 1822, Aged 7 Months.
Elizabeth, their Daughter
died Oct.br 16,th 18[2?] [Ag]ed
6 Years. Eleanor,

[their Daughter died]

According to a list of burials posted by the Delaware County Historical Society, the deaths of the three Jones children are

Elizabeth, October 16, 1823
Richard, October 16, 1822
Eleanor, October 2, 1827

Maybe so, but just maybe the cemetery records are inaccurate (has the stone has been difficult to read for quite some time?) and all four Jonses died within days of each other in October 1822.

Radnor Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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