Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fragments: Lewis Dulin

Who knows how long the gravestone for Lewis Dulin (d. 1851) has been broken? There are rusty bolts that hint at an old attempt to reassemble the marker.

What caught my eye is the image on the stone, still evident when the afternoon sun hits it just so: Under a willow, a mourner kneels before a gravestone.

Strong imagery despite the stone being covered in algae.

Earlier photos of the stone, though broken, show the full name and inscription.

(I do not move broken stones, even though I am sometimes tempted. With my luck, I surely would break something—a stone, a toe.)

Feb. 4, 1851;
Aged 59 Y[rs]
5 M. 5 D.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio

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