Friday, October 21, 2011

Epitaph: Be ye also ready

Marking the gravesite of Mary Penry (d. 1851) in Radnor Cemetery is a classic sandstone tablet with an urn motif. The urn is festooned with a simple chain of tulips—and an approaching growth of lichens.

the Memory
Consort of Wm Penry
who died Sept. 19,
in the 51st Year
of her Age.

We see the words “Be Ye Also Ready” now and then on gravestones from the 1800s, often on a banner carried by an angel. The epitaph on Mary Penry’s gravestone shows the entire verse, Matthew 24.44.

Therefore be ye also ready
for in such an hour as
you think not the Son of
man cometh.

Radnor Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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