Monday, October 17, 2011

Radnor lych gate

“A lychgate, also spelled lichgate, lycugate, or as two separate words lych gate, (from Old English lic, corpse) is a gateway covered with a roof found at the entrance to a traditional English or English-style churchyard.” (Wikipedia.)

An Ohio historical maker stands beside the stone lych gate at the entrance to Radnor Cemetery in Delaware County, Ohio:

“Built in 1910, this lych gate was designed by local architect William Robert Powell to commemorate early settlers of Radnor who emigrated from Wales. Traditional in England and Wales, lych gates are covered gateways used to shelter coffins until clergymen arrive for burial. The Radnor lych gate has two openings: a larger one designed for horse-drawn hearse and a smaller one for mourners. Powell added the tower to resemble a church steeple for a more ecclesiastical style. Constructed of stone from the local Meredith quarry, the gate features raised joints and oak gates to close the entrance.”

Yes, I found some interesting old gravestones once I passed through the gate. Some will surely find their way to Gravestoned soon.

Radnor Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio


  1. That is a beautiful structure.

  2. Yes, it's impressive--surprising almost in such a small town. Very nice tribute to its founding families.


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