Monday, August 22, 2011

Polly Strong’s restored gravestone

Sometime after 2005, when a FindAGrave contributor posted a photo, the gravestone for Polly Strong (d. 1823) was restored to like-new condition.

wife of
died Oct. 3d, 1823;
Æ. 37 years.

2 infant sons
in the same coffin.

Blessed are the dead
[Who die in the Lord]

The flaming urn, carved here in deep relief, represents the soul rising from the ashes of the dead.

Darby Township Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio


  1. Restored stones are great if they keep the same style. I am not a fan of putting modern markers in place of old markers unless the keep the orginal and put a flat marker with just the info transcribed on it.

  2. I agree. I've seen some really strange (and bad) restorations that totally destroy the beauty of the original stone.

  3. Two infant sons in the same coffin?
    Do you think they died much earlier and were re~interred with their mother, or around the same time and so was this lady still having children in her mid fifties?

    I love these mysteries.......

  4. Good eye, Holisticrocs. My transcription error: She was 37 when she died, not 57. (I've corrected the post.) I knew I'd make that mistake one day. Some of those 3's and 5's look so much alike.

  5. Thank you for posting this item. This is my husband's 4th great grandmother. Although I visited the area 4 years ago, I did not see this stone.


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