Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dr. Weatherby, the good man

From a distance, the gravestone appears to be a simple pedestal topped with an urn, a popular design in the 19th century. But looking more closely, we realize that the urn is not an urn at all—it is a mortar and pestle.

The marker stands at the grave of a medical doctor, Dr. A. S. Weatherby (d. 1870). There is a square and compass above the inscription, a symbol that identifies Weatherby as a Freemason.

Nov. 23, 1870,
Aged 33 Yrs
7 Mo, 8 d’s.

In 1871, “The Cincinnati Lancet and Observer” printed this obituary:

Dr. A. S. Weatherby.—Died of consumption at Cardington, Ohio, November 23,1870, Dr. A. S. Weatherby, aged 33 years and 6 months. He was born near Chesterville, O., April 15th, 1837. Commenced the study of medicine under Dr. N. E. Haekedorn, of Galion, O., October 22, 1858, and graduated in the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, February 14, 1862. In March following he commenced the practice of medicine in Cardington, O., where he continued until his death. He was a man of great force of character and unbending integrity; an earnest Christian gentleman, ready for every great work. He was unusually ardent and laborious in his profession, and reached a degree of practical knowledge and success rarely attained by one of his age. He held honorable places of office among his medical associates, and his death is mourned by all who knew him. His end was that of the good man.

Glendale Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio


  1. The stone appears to be signed by the carver, although I can't tell what it says.

  2. I took a close-up of that corner and still couldn't read it. Except the carver's location: Mt Gilead Ohio, another Morrow county town. Good eye!


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