Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elizabeth Wallace Sellers Coe

The gravestone for Elizabeth Coe (d. 1889) is beautifully carved with a hand pointing heavenward beneath a garland of stone flowers—roses, lilies, tulips.

The inscription identifies both of her husbands: Abraham Coe and Joseph Sellers.

wife of
former wife of
Dec. 23, 1889.
Aged 77 yrs.
9 mo. 20 ds.

The 1880 Federal Census for Gilead Township, Morrow County, Ohio shows several folks living in the Coe household and, because one of them is identified as Abraham’s mother-in-law, provides evidence that Elizabeth’s maiden name is Wallace:

Abram Coe (73, farmer)
Elizabeth W. Coe (68, keeping house)
Sarah Wallace (89, mother-in-law)
Lizzie Barton (23, servant)
Jennie Barton (1)

Coe household 1880

A search on FamilySearch.org reveals an 1831 marriage record from Perry County, Ohio for Elizabeth Wallace and Joseph Sellers. Another search reveals an 1851 marriage record from Morrow County, Ohio for Elizabeth Sellars and Abraham Coe. 

Sellers-Wallace 1831
Coe-Sellars 1851
Are these the marriage records for our Elizabeth and her husbands? Possibly. They are consistent with the information on her gravestone in Morrow County, but without knowing more, that is about all we can be sure of.

Except that we found her lovely grave marker on a sunny day and took a few minutes to pay our respects to Elizabeth Coe.

Glendale Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio

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