Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A young girl’s mirror

Whenever I see an oval-shaped gravestone, I am reminded of a mirror. The oval-shaped gravestone for Elizabeth Jones (d. 1871) is a perfect example.

Dau. of
O. O. & E. JONES
Nov. 16, 1871
Aged 16 Y’s
11 mo. 1 d.
She’s gone – and many lone ones
In bitterness will weep.
That death o’er one so young and loved
Would spread its blighting sleep.

Elizabeth’s parents are Owen Jones (d. 1886) and Elizabeth Jones (d. 1893), who are buried next to her. A large, “modern” zinc monument marks their graves.

By the way, I have not been able to identify the source of young Elizabeth’s epitaph. Can you?

Fargo Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio


  1. Beautiful! The oval shape does look very much like a mirror, very evocative of a sixteen-year-old girl.

  2. http://www.thehypertexts.com/The%20Most%20Beautiful%20Poems%20in%20the%20English%20Language.htm

  3. https://books.google.com/books?id=WH07AQAAMAAJ&lpg=PA93&ots=JOYZC2nMBU&dq=%22In%20bitterness%20will%20weep%22&pg=PA94#v=onepage&q=%22In%20bitterness%20will%20weep%22&f=false


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