Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday’s child: Martha D. Brown

The adult-sized gravestone for Martha D. Brown (d. 1843) first caught my eye because it is signed by the carver, D. C. Carpenter. It is also interesting that there is space blocked off for an epitaph, but there is none.

That blank epitaph block gives us a hint into the gravestone carving business in the 19th century: It is likely that carvers pre-carved some stones (with popular motifs?), leaving only the inscriptions and epitaphs to be done when the family ordered the gravestone.

daughter of
C, &, S, A, BROWN
died March 2, 1843,
aged 3 months 9 d’s.

According to the Delaware County Genealogical Society online list of county burials, neither of Martha’s parents lived long lives. Charles Brown (d. 1848) and Sarah A. Brown (d. 1845) are both buried in Galena Cemetery, as is Martha.

Galena Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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