Saturday, April 2, 2011

“...died in infancy” has a name

While doing a bit of research on Margaret Faris, I found a book that included a short biography of her husband’s son. One paragraph mentions Margaret:
Robert Faris married Margaret Irwin, who was born in the State of Ohio, near the Virginia line, and died on the farm in Delaware County, Ohio. She was the mother of four children: Ann, Irwin, Mary G. and a daughter that died in infancy, all the others being also deceased. [1]
The daughter who died in infancy has a name: Eliza Jane Faris, and she is buried near her mother in Oak Grove Cemetery. Her gravestone is uprooted and on the ground, but it is not broken.

Eliza Jane
daughter of
Robert & Margaret
Faris, died Jan. 18
aged 1 year 5 mo.
& 8 days.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio
1. William E. Connelly, A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, Volume 3, 1918.


  1. It is amazing how clearly you can read the inscription on Eliza Jane's tombstone!

  2. I know!--so many gravestones that old are easily read (around here anyway). I'm thinking that a cemetery's particular microclimate (or whatever) makes a big difference. Exposure, surrounding vegetation...


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