Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fragments: Margaret Faris

The handsome tablet marker, which surely stood undisturbed for well over 150 years, is on the ground, broken in pieces.

With help from and hints from online census and marriage records, we can fill in the missing bits with some confidence.

consort of
& dau of [Arthur & Ann]
Irwin, died Dec. 2, 1836:
in the 30 year of
her age.

There is more of interest on this gravestone: An epitaph is still intact and legible.

When nine years old, she sought the Lord.
Nor did she seek in vain:
According to his gracious word,
He pardon’d all her sin.   R.F.

R.F. = Robert Faris? I’d like to think so.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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