Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday’s child: James and Rosetta

Alongside Bokes Creek in the cemetery of the same name is a small, interestingly shaped gravestone. To my eye, the shape evokes a lyre, whether or not that was the intention.

It marks the grave of a brother and sister, James and Rosetta.

Died Aug. 28, 1863
Aged 10 mo. 21 ds.
– –
Died Feb. 15, 1854
Aged 2 mos.
– –
Children of
P. & M. [Bower]

The last name cannot be read, but burial information posted by the Delaware County Genealogy Society suggests that the children’s last name is Bower, as does Find A Grave.

Look closely at the bottom of the marker. The markings that remain visible are not inconsistent with Bower. That could be the top of BO, don’t you think?

Bokes Creek Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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  1. My daughter and I have been wondering through a cemetery near our home. We found a child's grave and have been trying to uncover the mystery. This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing.


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