Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unfinished: Walker gravestone

It is not uncommon to find gravestones that show two names, usually husband and wife, with one death date missing.

The Walker monument at Shoup-Thompson Cemetery is missing Rosena Walker’s death date. When she die? Where? Did she remarry and move across country?

A quick search at produced the death certificate for Rosena Walker, which shows that Rosena died October 15, 1937 at Jane Case Hospital in Delaware, Ohio. It also shows that she was buried in Thompson Chapel Cemetery (aka Shoup Cemetery, aka Shoup-Thompson Cemetery).

From Mrs. Rosena Walker death certificate, Delaware Co, Ohio

So we have a bit of a non-story here after all.

Rosena did not move across country. She is buried right here, just as the Walker monument indicates. Sadly, it appears that no one arranged for her death date to be added to the monument, leaving the story that it tells unfinished.

Shoup-Thompson Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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  1. I discovered recently that a grand aunt never had her full date of death engraved on her headstone. They had put the month and year - but not the day! I have now arranged to have that completed. Anything to help future researchers, right?


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