Monday, April 18, 2011

Twin willows

The double gravestone is badly weathered but still partly legible. It marks the graves of sisters, Elizabeth and Ann Davis, daughters of Samuel and Matilda Davis. 

A 1927 list of burials in Davis Cemetery lists the sisters as four-year-old twins who died within hours of each other.

In Memory of
Elizabeth daughter
of Samuel & Matilda
Davis Who died Jan’y
24th 18[39] Aged 4 years
& 3 months.

In Memory of
Ann daughter of
Samuel S & Matilda
Davis Who died Jan’y
25th 1[839 Aged 4 y]ears
3 m[onths]

The choice of twin willows for twin sisters seems particularly well thought out: The mirrored willows are the same but different.

Davis Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio


  1. What a great find. And now your photo has saved it a little while longer!

  2. How sad! Have you been able to determine what the girls died from? I can't imagine losing two daughters at once. This is such a historic little cemetery, and it's wonderful that you're preserving the memory of those buried there.

  3. Shelley, yes, that is a wonderful little cemetery. So well taken care these days!

    I have not found how the girls died. If I find it, I will blog an update.

    Gale, that's one good reason to post these pics. Save the gravestones digitally at least!


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