Friday, April 22, 2011

What do you see?

This stone at Baltimore‐Geohegan Cemetery is small, maybe three or four feet long. It is weathered and worn with no visible carvings. Is it an old gravestone, broken and fallen over? An ordinary but worn field stone?

Or could it be—as it looks to me—a child-sized, coffin‑shaped marker?


Maybe my graveyard imagination is getting the best of me. What do you see?

Baltimore‐Geohegan Cemetery, Fairfield County, Ohio


  1. Oh, I see it too. Is it a cemetery with plotted records that you could check? I don't like finding those I can't get answers for :)

  2. I'll need to do some detective work, for sure. It's a small cemetery with no on-site office--unless perhaps in the church across the street. Hmm. This one goes on my research list!

  3. I remember seeing one very similar in a churchyard when I was a child and was told by an adult, that it was the grave of a baby who had to remain anonymous, as it's Mother had been unmarried at the time and so a proper headstone could not be used.

    True or False, it left a big impression on me at the time and it really does make you wonder.

  4. Holi, completely believable explanation!


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