Friday, May 11, 2012

Old willow

Around here, a gravestone from the early 1800s is old— and one that is in nearly pristine condition is suspect: Is it a replacement? Was it placed long after the death?

The simple willow tablet at the grave of Nehemiah Sabin (d. 1814) may well be as old as its inscription implies. This stone appears to be cut from siltstone, which stands up beautifully to our Ohio weather.

Died Dec. 20,
in his 44 year.

Think this gravestone stands in a weedy, poorly kept cemetery? Look at the weeds!

Think again.

This gravestone stands in Bigelow Cemetery State Nature Preserve, where rare Ohio grasses and wildflowers are welcome to grow freely.

Bigelow Cemetery Prairie State Nature Preserve

1 comment:

  1. I would strongly suspect that this marker is original. It seems that when gravestones are replaced (or just placed at a grave at a much later time), they are in the style of the era in which the stone was carved.

    Just my $.02 !


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