Friday, May 4, 2012

David Runyan

The squared column monument for David Runyan (d. 1859), repaired at least once, tips slightly to the right. Its cap is a bit askew.

Look closely: What an interesting, tornado-like twirly design under the name!

Dec. 9, 1859
53 Y. 8 M. 29 d.

But go thou thy way till
the end be for thou shall
rest, and stand in thy lot
at the end of the day
                 Dan. 12 V. 13

My dearest friends that
dwell above
I now have gone to see
And all my friends in
Christ below
Will soon come after me

David Runyan was among the earliest permanent settlers in the eastern part of Harmony Township, Clark County, Ohio. Other early settlers rest steps away from Runyan.

Nation Chapel Cemetery, Clark County, Ohio


  1. Very nice! This would be some of my family although at the moment, I'm not exactly sure of this one. My Runyans also migrated to Ohio (from New Jersey), but to Hamilton Co. As far as I know, they all go back to Vincent Rongnion, the French Huguenot and first of the Runyan line to come to America (mid 1600s), originally residing in Poitiers, Ancienne Poitou, France.

  2. Very cool, Lisa. I saw 'Runyan' on your blog just today and wondered whether there was a connection.


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