Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Epitaph: Thus end all earthly joys

The small sandstone tablet at the grave of Otho H. Thurstin (d. 1843) features a single pinwheel design.

The design on this stone reminds me of modern cemeteries, where colorful pinwheels are a common gravesite decoration—especially at the graves of children.

son of
R. H. & M. B.
Thurstin died
Dec. 20, 1843:
Aged 1 yr & 23 ds.

The epitaph is the first verse of a poem by Caroline Matilda Thayer, “Reflections of an unfortunate mother over the grave of her only son.”

How are my hopes, my lambent visions fled!
How disappointment racks my grief-torn heart!
My sole delight, my darling infant’s death:
Thus end all earthly joys, thus dear connexions part.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio


  1. Caroline Matilda Warren was my third great grandaunt. She died March 26, 1844. The quotation is from her book 'Religion recommended to youth'.

  2. I should have said Caroline Matilda Warren Thayer! Laurence Badagliacca

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Laurence. This is such a beautifully written epitaph! Your comments remind us that a gravestone is a link not only to the person who is named on the stone, but also to the artists whose work is "recorded" there.


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