Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wordle mocks my error

Remember Wordle? Here is a recently generated Wordle for Gravestoned in a nice, gray-is-for-gravestones palette.

And there it is, big as life: Catharine. Just the name I have been trying to forget.


Because it should be Catherine, not Catharine.

In the post for Catherine Ullmer, “Mystery of the missing death date,” I mispelled Mrs. Ullmer’s given name not once, not twice, but nine times!

Do I get points for consistency?

Ullmer Cemetery, Marion County, Ohio


  1. It makes me feel better when others error too. However, Wordle didn't have to make it so glaring:)
    I think consistency always counts for something.

  2. On you can make more images with your text.


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