Monday, April 16, 2012

Someone is wrong

The small sandstone grave marker for Andrew Kepner (d. 1844) in Salyer Cemetery is easy to read, especially with the early afternoon sunlight throwing shadows just right in the carved letters of the inscription.

The date of death on the gravestone clearly is August 4, 1844.

On the other hand, nearly every public online “source” that I found listed young Kepner’s year of death as 1834.

Makes you wonder where the error is. Is the gravestone wrong? Maybe. Or did one small online error—maybe a FindAGrave typo—spread to scores of online family trees?

son of
Jacob & Catharine
Kepner, died Aug;
4, 1844. aged 11
years 1 mo; &.
18 ds.

Salyer Cemetery, Marion County, Ohio

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