Monday, April 9, 2012

Rachel Davidson

Driving down the country road in Marion County, my sights were set on the next cemetery on my list, when—screeching tires!—there was a sunny, country graveyard on a grassy rise next to the road.

One of the gravestones in Salyer Cemetery stands at the grave of Rachel Davidson (b. 1794, d. 1823). The stone is badly weathered and nearly illegible. It is not difficult to imagine the day, not too far in the future, when this gravestone will no longer be readable at all.

Rachel Davidson,
wife of
Joseph Davidson,
born June 12, 1794,
died [----] 1823.

Look carefully and you can just make out an urn carving, even though large sections of sandstone have flaked off.

And do I see tiny bits of what may have been an epitaph? Unless there is an old reading of this small cemetery, Rachel’s epitaph is gone forever.

Salyer Cemetery, Marion County, Ohio


  1. I'm curious what photo editor you use on your pics? Just trying to find the best thing that works for me, so taking input from others. Thanks for sharing your gravestones!

  2. Hi Jen--Mostly I use iPhoto on my Mac. Nothing fancy. Now and then I correct a photo for converging verticals with a software program called PTLens. I have my eye on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, but it's not in the budget right now. :)

  3. Amy, as I scroll through blogs in google reader I mostly look at the photographs before reading the posts. I can ALWAYS tell which photographs are yours before I've looked at the blog title: they are always perfect! The focus, the angle, the light - everything. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you, Nancy. Your kind words mean a lot to me!


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