Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Isaac Rubart, veteran

Nation Chapel Cemetery is small, surrounded by farmland in rural Clark County, Ohio.

A rusty chain keeps the cemetery gate from swinging free. No lock, but why would there be? The fence is nothing more than a border on one side, the road side, of the cemetery.

The white marble marker at the grave of Isaac Rubart (d. 1841) was once broken in half, but has been repaired, although it exhibits a significant tilt. The decorative carving shows a military theme: shield, flags, cannon, cannonballs.

Nov. 17, 1841:
80 Years &
8 days.

At the base of the monument is a military marker—it is cemented into an old coffee can—that identifies Rubart as a veteran of the Revolutionary War.

The DAR Genealogical Research System confirms that Isaac Rubart was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, but he was not a soldier. Young Isaac Rubart was a fifer.

Nation Chapel Cemetery, Clark County, Ohio

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