Monday, March 19, 2012

Fragments: Louisa Augusta Rhoads

The white marble gravestone for Louisa Augusta Rhoads (d. 1848) is broken in two pieces, the top half leaning against the bottom half.

June 6, 1848
Aged 23 Yr
7 mo & 17 d

Look closely along the break. See the adhesive? This gravestone has been repaired before, most likely during the 1970s when the Dublin Historical Society undertook a five-year restoration of Indian Run Cemetery.

The epitaph is difficult to make out, but well worth the attempt:

Louisa Augusta is my name
But heaven is my station
Ohio was my dwelling place
But Crist [sic] is my salvation.

This is a take on an old rhyme, but it is the first one like it that I have found on an Ohio gravestone.

Indian Run Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio

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