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Evan and Charity Holt, first white settlers

The small, yellowed plaque on the ground between the gravestones of Evan Holt (d. 1846) and Charity Holt (d. 1839) identifies the Holts as the first white settlers in Morrow County, Ohio.


Charity Holt
Wife of Evan
Holt died march
26, 1839 aged 78

OCT. 24, 1846.
84 Yrs. 9 Mos. 45 Ds

Charity’s gravestone, carved from sandstone, has not weathered nearly as well as her husband’s. Taking time to look closely pays off: The stone features a delicate willow-and-urn carving.

According to the plaque, which was placed by Mary Holt Klingel, Evan and Charity Holt settled in Morrow County in 1807. An 1880 book, History of Morrow County and Ohio published by O. L. Baskin and Co., offers a bit more “color”:

Evan Holt, a native of Wales, but a long resident of Chester County, Penn., had served six years in the Revolutionary army, and receiving a warrant for his services, moved on to his land as soon as surveyed by the Government. His claim was situated near the central part of the township, on a fine stream of water, and is now owned by Mr. Joseph Trowbridge. Although he lived nearly two-score years upon this place and raised a large family, that settled about him, but little is remembered of him by those now living in the township. He was an earnest, conscientious man, and commanded the respect of his fellow-townsmen. He was in very straitened circumstances, however, and often substituted nettles for flax, making it up into very passable cloth.

A modern granite marker placed behind the originals adds that Evan A. Holt “served as a drummer in the Revolutionary War.”

Chester Baptist Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio

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    Did you obtain any information about Evan Holt Sr in regards to his military service? Is there any definite proof that he was in fact born in wales and how it came to be that he was in the states when the war broke out? Any information on the history of Evan and/or Charity would be greatly appreciated.

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