Friday, March 9, 2012

Double-take gravestone

This willowed gravestone in Stantontown Cemetery, a small cemetery in rural Morrow County, Ohio, drew a double take from me.

The gravestone appears to be blank.

Not weathered beyond readability. Blank.

What do you think?

Stantontown Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio


  1. Could you makes out the maker's name bottom right, maybe Adams? I wonder if they intended a family inscription, but years later there was no one to attend to it. I've never seen one like it.

  2. very interesting. Nothing surprises me. Could be that the family bought the stone and wanted to put something really special on the inscription and the wife died and the family never got around to it. OR maybe it was intentional..he may have been a man of FEW WORDS or maybe the family despised him so much they wanted to erase his memory.

  3. lisa sullivan taiseyAugust 26, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    This blank grave resembles something of my family tree visit back home to NEW JERSEY this summer.Goal was to visit ALL the family cemetaries in the state. My goal was short. On my last day my cousin CAMILLE & CHARLIE took me to WEEHAWKEN CEMETARY in UNION CITY to pay my respects& take photos of OUR family plot of GUISEPPE MANTAVONI(1855-1934) & MARIA BONACCI MANTAVONI (1867-1942)&LUIGINA MANTAVONI(1905-1906). The plots were there BUT NO HEADSTONE!

  4. THANKFULLY THE MAN IN THE OFFICE WAS VERY HELPFUL. Pulled the old orginal plot cards for the above double checked coordinates..even if there was ne and it broke the pieces would be left there but not a shread of evidence one was ever there. Since the generations are spread all over the country i cannot be the ONLY ONE TO HAVE EVER VISITED OR NOTICED. Questioned family and it's a mystery and HEARTBREAKNG..


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