Monday, March 26, 2012

Alam Blain

The simple tablet marker at the grave of Alam Blain (d. 1846) displays one of the most recognizable symbols of Freemasonry: The square and compasses.

Nov. 22, 1846,
ag’d 86 Ys 6
Ms. 9 Ds.

See how one compass is in front of the square and the other is behind? The configuration of the square and compasses is an indication of Freemasonry degree, in this case, the second degree. The second degree is known as the Fellow Craft Degree.

There is another symbol beside the grave: A bronze, star-shaped flag holder reserved for veterans of the Revolutionary War.

Candy, a FindAGrave contributor, posted this short bio of Alam Blain:

Elam, at 17 years of age (abt. May 1 1778), enlisted in the Light Horse Command (4th Reg. Light Dragoons, Capt. Heard's Co.), under Gen. Anthony Wayne, in the Pennsylvania Reg. of Calvary, and fought three years in the Revolutionary war. When in his 23d year, he was married to Catharine Read; she was born in New Jersey Oct. 28, 1763. A few years after his marriage, he moved to Pennsylvania, where he remained until 1815-1816, when he came to Ohio, locating in Zanesville, and in 1820 came to Delaware Co., locating in Harlem Township, where he died in 1846, and some seven years later his wife died; they were members of the Christian Church and had 14 children.

Catharine, Alam Blain’s wife, is buried at his side.

Hunt Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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