Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday’s child: Charley McCarty

For years Williamsville Cemetery was hidden from view, its gravel access drive off a busy four-lane road difficult to locate. The only visitors were family, die-hard gravers, and vandals.

Now that the area is being developed, the small cemetery faces a newly built side road and welcomes all visitors. The day I visited, a heavy equipment operator leaned against his equipment trailer just outside the cemetery fence, enjoying the shade as he ate his lunch.

The small marker for Charley McCarty sits on the west end of the cemetery, with family nearby. On top of his marker is a small stone bird’s nest with three tiny carved eggs inside.

son of
G.W. & L.
JUNE 1, 1876
1YR. 1M. 9DS.

Was Charles his given name? Call him Charley. The family did.

Williamsville Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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