Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Young veteran

William Webster Beardsley (d. 1866) was a young Ohio man who evidently survived his service in the Civil War, only to die a year (minus a few days) after the final shot of the war was fired.

The William Beardsley gravestone is a simpler, smaller version of one we have seen before, the monument to James Vansant. Both gravestones, which are steps apart in Claibourne Cemetery, bear the same eagle-and-shield motif.

Son of J. G. & P.
a member of Co. H. 82 Reg. O.V.I.
Apr. 4, 1866,
25 Ys. & 2 Ds.

William’s parents are Job and Patience Beardsley. Patience, who died in 1870, is buried near her son.

Patience Beardslee  James Vansant
Claibourne Cemetery, Union County, Ohio

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