Monday, December 12, 2011

An intelligent working Christian

Liberty Church Cemetery sits at the busy intersection of two country roads in Delaware County, Ohio. The old Liberty Presbyterian Church stands there as well, although the congregation now meets next door in a large, Amish-built barn church.

One of the graves in the church graveyard is that for Robert McCoy Cellar (d. 1861), “an intelligent working Christian.”

March 5, 1861
76 YRS 3 MO 9 DS
He was an intelligent working
Christian, and for many years
filled the office of Ruling Elder
in the Presbyterian Church.

And the Spirit and the bride say come and let him
that heareth say come and let him that is athirst
come and whosever will let him take the water of
life freely.

REV. XXII 17.   
Liberty Church Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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