Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday’s child: Sydner D. Richards

I found the name on this small gravestone difficult to read. S...That much is clear. Then what? Y...That is a Y, right? Sylvester? No, too few letters.

I gave up several times before I eventually found the answer on yielded birth record and death record extracts for Sydner D. Richards (d. 1883), the son of George Richards and Mary Commons Richards.

Of course it says Sydner! Amazing how easy a gravestone is to read when you already know what it says.

son of
G.[H.] & M.A.
Aug. 20, 1883
6 [Ms. &] 6 Ds.

The short epitaph, barely legible, is from Luke 18:16, Suffer little children to come to me.

I suspect a transcription error with the birth record. The death record indicates he was born in 1883, as does his gravestone. Aged 6 [Ms.]


Union Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio


  1. Thanks, Marian. I kept thinking it was supposed to be Sylvester Richards, and finally when I added the MI and searched for Sylvester D. Richards--bingo! I won't be omitting MIs from searches again.


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