Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday’s child: Drucilla A. Plunket

dau. of
R. & A. V.
Apr. 2, 1868

The size of this small stone for Drucilla A. Plunket (d. 1868) is the first hint that this is a child’s gravestone. She is identified as a “daughter of,” but not “wife of.” Another hint.

But her age at death can no longer be read, so I took a few minutes to see whether I could find her date of birth.

1. Delaware County Historical Society burials—strike one
2.—strike two
3.—strike three
4.—strike, uh, four

Strike out.

Let me take that back. I did find, via, a marriage record for Richard Plunket and Ann Virginia Gates dated August 13, 1865. A wisp of a hint that Drucilla may have been less than three years old at her death.

The dove holds what is probably meant to be a sprig of olive as it ascends, representing hope or promise.

Oller Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio


  1. Hi Amy,

    Just a comment about Drusilla: There must have been a second child born to Richard (Emons) and (Ann) Virginia Plunket(t) because there is a Drusilla listed as their daughter in the 1880 census of Concord, OH. She was either 10 or 12 years old, depending on which numeral recorded by the census taker is correct (it appears to be 0 written over 2, first recorded as 12, then 10, but I could have it backwards).

    I thought you would like to know since you took the time to search for the info about the first Drusilla. In 1880, it appears they had three sons and three daughters. Maybe you could find a descendant who has a family bible record or something from oral tradition. Just a thought, and thanks for another interesting post.



  2. Hi Amy,

    I was wrong about the gender of the children. There were two boys and four girls, and I think (2nd) Drusilla's age was 10 after all, and she must have been born after 6 July 1870, since she is not listed in the census of Delaware, OH on that date. The 1900 census of Millcreek Township shows that Ann had 9 children, six of whom were still living at that date.



  3. Thanks for the info, Chris! I'm thinking the parents may have 'recycled' Drucilla's (Drusilla's) name. I've seen this before in records for other families. A special way to honor a deceased child?


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