Friday, November 18, 2011

Nancy Gray, young wife

John Gray (Grey) and Nancy Stith were married on November 5, 1840 in Fairfield County, Ohio. Before their first anniversary, 17-year-old Nancy Stith Gray died.

Nancy Gray is buried in Baptist Corners Cemetery beneath a simple tablet stone that features side-by-side sunbursts.

In memory of
wife of
John Gray,
died October 2,
1841, aged 17 years,
10 months, & 12 days.

Marriage record from

The gravestone is signed by Ezra Shane, who is listed in the 1850 Federal Census as “Laborer.”

Baptist Corners Cemetery, Fairfield County, Ohio

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  1. Oh wow. 17 years old. So sad.
    It's nice that you posted this, to remember her today after all this time.


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