Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday’s child: Lucy Fitch Kilbourn

Lucy Fitch Kilbourn (d. 1845) is the granddaughter of James Kilbourn (buried nearby), “the founder of Worthington, Ohio and a surveyor, merchant and political leader in the early years of Ohio statehood.”1

Daughter of
NOV. 8, 1845;
Aged 14 Years
11 mo. 25 ds.

Lucy’s father, Bryon, was also a surveyor—and a railroad executive and an important figure in the founding of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.2

Lucy’s great-grandfather, John Fitch, invented the steamboat.3 John Fitch is also the father of Lucy Fitch, who married James Kilbourn and became our Lucy’s grandmother.4

Impressive family tree, eh?

By the way, the Kilbourn men have Facebook pages. Do any of your ancestors have Facebook pages?

James Kilbourn tomb
St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio

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  1. I was hoping we shared both the Fitch and Kilborn lines, as I have many generations of both, out of Connecticut, and yours probably trace back to CT as well. My blog covers both lines. Where did you find the fb page for Kilborn? Thanks.

  2. Hi Barbara! The Kilbourns and Fitches are not in my tree--I just started looking into them a bit after visiting this cemetery. (Can't resist.)

    On FB...

    James Kilbourn:

    Byrton Kilbourn:

    The content on both is from Wikipedia--at least so far.

    James Kilbourn did come to Ohio from CT, according to the sites I read. BTW, I have always seen it spelled Kilbourne--that's how the Dublin OH high school named for James is spelled. No 'e' on the gravestones though.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for your nice response. I was so hoping we could be related through the Kilbourne / Kilborn line. My K. line remained in CT from 1600s through to my great-grandmother. Once I'm done with adding my own cemetery shots, I look forward to doing others, and hope to add additional information as you did...nice touch. Barb


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