Saturday, July 16, 2011

An abbreviated surname?

The carving of evergreens caught my eye on this small sandstone gravestone. I stopped to snap a photograph and then paused to read the inscription.

Elisabeth Daughter of Christian & Sary cr Who died...

Elisabeth who?

Elisabeth Daughter
Christian & Sary cr
Who died [mar? apr? may?] 24 1823
Aged ten weaks

Shall [??] my God
To all [??]

Yes, it says “weaks”
Some transcribers have read the mother’s name as Saryer but I see Sary cr. I think what we have here is a gravestone with an abbreviated surname.

Elisabeth is most likely Elisabeth Crumley, an infant who died at 10 weeks. Christian Crumley is buried in the same cemetery. Though I did not photograph his marker, it is posted on

The Crumley family is mentioned in Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County, Ohio by Charles Milton Lewis Wiseman. Christian Crumley with his wife Salome (could this be Sary?) and family, moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania as early as 1803. One of their sons was Conrad, who is mentioned by name along with Christian and Salome in this excerpt:

In the year 1803 Christian Crumley with his family, left Pennsylvania to seek a new home in Ohio. They made a temporary stop in Lancaster, and during that time one of his children died. He purchased a section of woodland in Bloom township, built a cabin and moved his family to the new home, about one mile west of Rock Mill. Here young Conrad remained until he became a man. ... On two occasions Christian Crumley loaded flat boats at Gallipolis for New Orleans. Conrad drove the team that carried, or drew, the produce to load these boats. He made nine trips in one winter, through an almost unbroken forest to Gallipolis, a distance of one hundred miles.

Glick-Brick Church-Hoy Cemetery, Fairfield County, Ohio

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