Monday, June 14, 2010

Youngest and last

On my first visit to Cheshire Cemetery in Delaware County, Ohio, I photographed the marker for David Jones (b. 1836, d. 1864) a Union soldier who died at Camp Chase in the summer of 1864. It is a striking monument, a tasseled stone podium holding an open book. I took several photos from several angles, focusing first on the book and the tassels.

Then I paused to read the inscription, and I forgot about books and tassels and gravestone symbols.

Co. H. 145th. Reg. O.N.G.
AUG. 29, A.D. 1864
28 YRS. 8 MO. 15 DS.

A loyal Soldier
to his country and his God
He was the youngest and
last of three Sons
of Z. & S. JONES who died
in the service of their Country

Solomon Jones (b. 1826), Andrew Jones (b. 1831), and David Jones, brothers and Union soldiers, died in the same year, 1864. According to cemetery records, all three brothers were buried along with their parents and other family members in old Cheshire Cemetery. Graves from that cemetery were moved to new Cheshire Cemetery in 1973 to make way for Alum Creek Reservoir.

There is evidence of a marker for Andrew in old Cheshire Cemetery, but I cannot find it in new Cheshire Cemetery. The markers for Solomon and David are there, near the marker for their parents, Zelotes Jones (b. 1791, d. 1874) and Sarah Jones (d. 1866).

If you visit Cheshire Cemetery, keep an eye out for Andrew’s marker. He is not named in the cemetery directory, but surely he is resting near his brothers.

Solomon, Zelotes and Sarah, David Jones


  1. That must have been so sad for their parents. What a tragic chapter in American history that so many young lives were lost.

  2. The boys died in 1864; their mother, in 1866. Until I see evidence to the contrary, I will believe she died of a broken heart.


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