Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wallace, Wallace, Wallace

Standing beside the monument to Mary Wallace Perry (b. 1787, d. 1812) and her infant daughter (yesterday’s post) are two dark obelisks. The same surname is inscribed on each of the matching obelisks: Wallace.

The online burial records for Spring Grove reveal the relationships among Perry and the Wallaces. Even before we see the records, we know that the relationships are close.

This sure looks like a family grouping, doesn’t it?

The obelisk on the right bears the names of Robert Wallace (b. 1734, d. 1828) and Rebecca Wallace (b. 1751, d. 1834), Mary’s parents.

The obelisk on the left marks the grave of Mary’s older sister, Edith Wallace (b. 1769, d. 1831).

Memory of
Who died
April 18th, 1831;
In the 63rd, year of
her age.
Memory of
Who died
Aug. 28th, 1828;
In the 94th, year
of his age.
Who died
June 19th, 1834;
In the 84th, year of
her age.

All were buried first at Presbyterian Cemetery and moved to Spring Grove in September, 1858.

Who has spied another Wallace in the photos? There is a white obelisk behind the dark ones. The name on that one is David C. Wallace (b. 1784, d. 1861). His burial record reveals him to be the son of Robert and Rebecca.

Is he the D. C. Wallace who arranged the burial of Robert, Rebecca, Mary, and (probably) Edith in Spring Grove?

Spring Grove Cemetery, Hamilton County, Ohio

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