Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ferson from New Hampshire

The tablet marker at the graves of Paul Ferson (d. 1847) and Sarah Ferson (d. 1826) is a simple sandstone tablet that tilts to the right.

No willows, no urns, no angels.

Ah, but we have information.


His consort, emigrated
from New Boston N.H.
to Ohio in 1817. She died
Aug. 6, 1829, aged 41 yrs.

She departed in peace firmly relying
on the merits of Christ.

He died Jan. 20, 1847. Æ.
61 y’rs.

He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church
of Berlin. His christian life adorned the relig[ion]
of his Saviour.

The gravestone hint led me to History of New Boston, New Hampshire by Elliott Colby Cogswell (Boston: 1864), which includes a short Ferson biography:

James Ferson, son of Dea. James Ferson, was born in Chester May 29, 1744, O. S., and married Mary McNeill, daughter of James McNeill. ... Their children were William, Jennet, James, Paul, Sally, Samuel, Daniel, and John. ... Some of the children went to Ohio, and their father, who was 74 years old, followed them, and died there, being esteemed a highly worthy man.

Africa Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio

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