Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A War of 1812 draftee

There is a War of 1812 marker next to the gravestone for John B. Griste (d. 1840). According to History of Delaware County and Ohio by William Henry Perrin (1880), Griste was drafted.

The war of 1812 affected Berkshire not essentially different from the other townships of the county removed from the frontier. Judge Carpenter furnished a large quantify of oats for the army, and John B. Grist and David Armstrong, who had been drafted, were detailed as teamsters to haul them to their destination.

In memory of
who died Oct. 27,
in the 61st Year
of his Age.

The stone carver, Griffiths, carved his (her?) name beneath the epitaph, which is sourced in stone—Job 14:14.

If a man die, shall he live again?
all the days of my appointed time
will I wait, till my change come.

Perrin mentions John B. Grist (Griste) several times, including this amusing anecdote:

An incident connected with the digging of the well near this [David Armstrong’s] house illustrates the fact that all the marvelous stories are not of latter-day grownth. John B. Grist did the digging, and, in going down, struck a six-foot stratum of slate stone. About midway of this layer, Grist found, imbedded in the solid stone, a toad, to all appearances lifeless. He tossed it out upon the ground, where it soon showed signed of animation, and before long hopped off as natural as though it had never been buried.

Sunbury Memorial Park, Delaware County, Ohio

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