Tuesday, February 14, 2012

“My grave you see”

Evidently, there are two gravestones for Samuel Noe (d. 1831) in Morrow County, Ohio.

The one I photographed recently is in tiny Butter Cemetery. It is a sandstone tablet marker with a willow-and-urn motif.

Memory of
who died,
March 22nd 1831;
aged 23 years
and 10 months.
Weep not for me, my friends so dear;
I am not dead, but sleeping here;
My end you know, my grave you see;
Prepare yourselves, to follow me.
There is another marker for Samuel Noe in Marengo Cemetery—three miles away. The inscription on that marker, a photograph of which is posted on OhioGravestone.org, is a bit different than the Butter Cemetery marker, but not where it counts: name, date of death, and age at death.

Son of
Died Mar. 22, 1831
23 Y. 10 M. 14D.

Where is Samuel Noe buried? My theory is that he is buried in Butter Cemetery under the sandstone marker (“my grave you see”) and that his name was inscribed later on a family marker in nearby Marengo Cemetery.

There is at least one other name on the Marengo Cemetery marker, but I cannot read it in the OhioGravestones.org photo. Can you? Looks like a trip to Marengo Cemetery is in my future.

Butter Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio

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  1. Tombs have a unique look. It's wonderful to see them in a way.


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