Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clayton Martin, plain and simple?

While elaborately carved stones and unique epitaphs are eye-catching, I am also drawn to the simpler markers. No nonsense, to the point.

The marker at the grave of Clayton Martin (d. 1876) in Pioneer Cemetery is, to my eye, quite handsome. It stands tall and straight, suffers few signs of weathering—the word proud comes to my mind.

Sept. 28, 1876.
31 Y. 2 Mo. 9 D.

But wait. This gravestone is not as simple as it appears at first glance.

Look how the stone carver worked Mr. Martin’s name: It follows the curve of the top of the stone perfectly. The 3-D lettering is skillfully carved. The background surrounding the name has a finely made texture. The finishing touch is the nice bezel around three edges of the stone.

Not so plain and simple after all, is it? 

Click image to enlarge
Pioneer Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio

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