Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be ye also ready

Pioneer Cemetery sits on what is today a busy four-lane road in Westerville, Ohio. Even so, if it were not for the traffic noise, you could almost imagine that you were walking through an old country cemetery when you are there.

The marker at the grave of Sarah Farr (d. 1826) sits in the shade facing the road. On it is a carving of an angel in flight, carrying a Bible and holding a banner warning everyone who passes to prepare for death.

wife of
died May 12, 1826;
aged 32 year, 9 months
and 26 days.

The angel is so eye-catching that it is easy to overlook the delicate flourishes at the corners of the inscription panel. I am amazed they have withstood the wind and weather all these years.

Pioneer Cemetery, Franklin County, Ohio

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