Friday, November 26, 2010

Side by side

Side by side we lie and slumber
Where the weary are at rest,
But when time his years shall number
With our Saviour we’ll be blest.

wife of
William P. Davies
dies Sept. 29, 1845 in her 44 year.

Also on the right
of Wm. P. & Margaret Davies
dies Sept. 6, 1845
in her 16 year.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, Ohio


  1. Hello! I enjoy your blog and have awarded you the Ancestor Approved Blogger Award. You may see the write up and collect your icon for the side bar of your blog by visiting my blog at

  2. Thank you so much, Alice! You know, the woman on the Ancestor Approved badge looks a little like my great aunt Charlotte. Hmmmm...


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